ви добрі пани, пануйте над нами й далі
Все еще излучаю зло. Зло излучается во все стороны.
Я ненавижу ее так сильно, что иногда могу несколько минут представлять идеальный хруст от удара моего кулака по ее безобразному носу. Зачем она вообще существует, такая плохая?

I spent all day trying to find out what's been going on with me and what should I do with it. And a person sitting in front of me was asking questions like "why do you think you love him" or "why do you think you need him" or "do you actually realize he's a moron or you just want to realize it". In the end I thought I did find out. But then oh god. his face. his eyes. his oh god oh god. I hate myself so much for that.

And now. It actually seems like he's not a moron. But he is. When I tell you that I was riding him today I swear it's not a metaphor. I was using him as a vehicle from the store to my home. And yesterday he was cutting my birthday cake half-naked. It's because he doesn't care about me. I don't seem to be a woman to anyone, especially him. But I still love him so much. What a shame.

I don't see any beauty. Not in the mirror. Not below, not in front of me. I just don't see it. At. All.

I'm not wit or smart or clever or or or or or. But at least I saw a wolf and a fox and a hase. It was awful. Because everyone saw them in that way.